On Top of the [Training] World

Training is something that is in our blood at Fierce.  The first month at Fierce Software as a new hire?  Training.  Delivering training workshops to our customers?  From coast to coast.  2019 Q1 Red Hat Training Partner?   Fierce Software.

Woaaah, just kinda rolled that last one in there.  What can we say, we’re not bashful, but we don’t like to gloat.  What we will do, all day – every day, is share the success that our customers have had with training.  We’ve run into a few of our training customers at Red Hat Summit and it was so rewarding to hear face to face how they’ve grown and we’re so thankful for that.

So by now, you must want to know how to get in on this whole “winning” thing.  I’ll say it again: training.

What courses?  Which direction or skill path?  What requirements?  Version differences? It can sometimes be difficult to find the right course.  You’ll find we offer many courses in our Web Store and it’s easy to add a course or exam to your cart and check our right now.  Let’s take this one step further and make it even easier.

Tutorial – Take an Assessment

Never played this Certification and Training game?  Don’t know quite where to start?  No problem!  There’s a quick little quiz to find out where you should go.  This way it doesn’t matter if you’re a Windows Admin, Unix Operator, or coming from a legacy Linux, you can quickly find out which courses and exams you need.

Bonus:  You can also have your team take this assessment to quickly find out where skill gaps are and how to get everyone on the same page!

Take a Skills Assessment

Solo Campaign – Start Training

The fastest way to get Red Hat Training is through the Fierce Software Web Store.  It’s like the Amazon of Training – search for what you want, click “Add to Cart,” and then Checkout with a Credit Card or Purchase Order!  Then one of the Ferocious Folk will reach out to you shortly with the activation of your training.  We like to make things easy.

You Found a Discount!  Congratulations!  If your character has read this then you get 15% Off All Red Hat Training from the Fierce Software Web Store with Coupon Code “LevelUp15”

Team Co-op – Package Deals

Looks like your party is ready to embark.  How do you ensure they all see success?  You need assessments, on-site training, exams, and maybe continuing education options.  As luck may have it, Fierce Software has a special Red Hat Training Bundle that has all of those, in 3 different packages, with different class size options.  Need custom class sizes or want to explore other potential bundling options?  Just drop us a line and we’ll work with you and your team to find the best solution for your needs.

Tip!  This is a Fierce Software special that you won’t find anywhere else!  Being the best Training Partner comes with some perks, and we pass them on!

Ending Theme Song and Credits

No matter what difficulty level you selected, whether you’re just starting, ready to roll, or have a group you need to cater to we can help you find the best option.  Still have questions?  We’re here to help – Contact Us and we can walk you through all the course acronyms, exam requirements, and pricing options.

Shortcut:  You can also reach the Fierce Software Training Team at training@fiercesw.com

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