Atomic Enterprise OSSEC: Advanced Security, Simplified Management and Streamlined Compliance

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Compliance Requirements


File & System Integrity


Blanket Protection



At Atomicorp, they’re as passionate about cybersecurity as they are about their customers. When you buy their software, you’re getting more than just unrivaled protection. You’re getting a team of cyber security experts with 100+ years of combined experience. From the White House and federal agencies to global enterprises, hosting providers and small businesses , the Atomicorp team has been trusted to provide unmatched cybersecurity protection. That’s a pretty great support system.

Protect your organization from end-to-end

Compliance Requirements

If your company accepts credit card payments, you need to adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company. PCI DSS compliance can be a headache but the benefits far outweigh the challenges of getting compliant. Adhering to PCI DSS standards can protect your company and customer data from hackers and shields you from regulatory fines. It also decreases the financial and reputational costs of a data breach. Download the PCI DSS compliance whitepaper.

Regulatory Compliance & Training

Atomicorp’s experts can configure your OSSEC installation to meet and comply with a number of regulatory and industry compliance programs such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, CMMC, SOC Type 2, DoD, data retention and more. The platform is very robust and flexible but can be difficult to configure. Atomicorp knows how to properly configure all aspects of OSSEC to meet always changing enterprise and federal agency compliance requirements. We also provide OSSEC training to enhance the capabilities of your internal teams.
PCI Compliance Stack View

File & System Integrity

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) was one of the very first cybersecurity tools. It was the first to provide indicators of compromise recording files changes and alterations. Change alerts provide enhanced visibility to systems administrators. The capability enables them to investigate changes and determine if an attacker has gained entry into their enterprise systems. Passwords and firewalls keep hackers out while FIM alerts you when hackers are inside.

Over time, FIM has become integrated into a host of industry standards both explicitly and implicitly including PCI DSS, FISMA, and NERC-CIP. In addition, FIM has key features required for HIPPA and SOX compliance. OSSEC is an open source enterprise detection and response (EDR) solution that has offered FIM capabilities for more than a decade. PCI and HIPAA compliance along with Atomic Secured OSSEC’s broad feature set beyond FIM are key drivers for OSSEC adoption today.
Enterprise FIM That Works at Scale
Atomic OSSEC is a powerful engine for monitoring, alerting and response that tracks and captures system file changes. In addition, another key requirement for enterprises using FIM is that it can scale to monitor millions of files distributed across tens of thousands of systems and can integrate across the entire enterprise. Atomic OSSEC was designed to scale and integrate easily into existing infrastructures. Not only does it monitor millions of files in real time, it also saves and dates file copies for non-repudiation and reversion to protect against loss.

Complete & Automated Blanket Protection

Unlike other security solutions that only protect your server from known risks, Atomicorp solutions provide proactive security by immunizing the entire system against entire classes of vulnerabilities. From the firewall to your applications down to the kernel, we’ve got your back.

Web Application Firewall

Web application servers are under constant attack. Atomicorp has provided WAF rules since 2005 and offers unrivaled protection options for hosting providers.

Malware Protection

Enjoy real-time protection from malware, viruses, rootkits, worms, spambots, trojans and other malicious attacks. Atomicorp software stops many attacks from ever taking root.

Complete Server Protection

Atomic Protector  is unrivaled in comprehensive server protection. Secure your servers from the application layer right down to the kernel.

Next-generation OSSEC

Atomicorp has the expertise, experience & tools to ensure your OSSEC software is secure & configured properly.

OSSEC is an innovative, open source host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS) used by leading global companies ranging from Netflix and Facebook to Workday and Airbus. The solution is incredibly robust and flexible, but it is also complicated. We should know. Atomicorp CTO Scott Shinn is the official OSSEC open source project manager. While OSSEC is free to use, it can get expensive without expert help to configure or having purpose-built tools like a GUI to manage it. Atomicorp is addressing these issues for global companies today.

Atomicorp Threat Map
Atomicorp Threat Map

Live feed of attempted attacks



Atomic OSSEC – The commercially enhanced version of the OSSEC Intrusion Detection System. Atomicorp extends OSSEC with a management console (OSSEC GUI), advanced file integrity management (FIM), compliance auditing and reporting expert support and more.

Atomic Protector – Atomic Protector secures workloads in public, private and hybrid cloud environments and picks up cloud security and compliance where your cloud platform leaves off.

Atomic ModSecurity Rules and WAF – The most trusted Web Application Firewall Rules since 2005. With Atomicorp, over 20,000 servers are protected by more than 10,000 rules. Add a web application firewall (WAF) out of the box via the Atomic WAF offering.