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DevSecOps Done Right

DevSecOps Done Right

See how Fierce Software is leading customers on their Digital Transformation journeys with
turn-key Secure Software Factories in order to deploy better software, more often, anywhere, and securely.

What is a Secure Software Factory?

Agile and DevOps practices can provide unparalleled speed in software development. Developers for years have enjoyed the benefits on their local workstations, however taking these systems and enabling the organization at large can prove challenging to say the least.

Now, consider that these DevOps stacks that have been Lifted-n-Shifted from developer laptops into your organizations production environments may not have the best security constructs in mind. This can open the flood gates to adverse licenses, CI/CD sprawl, compromised dependancies, and vulnerabilities across your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) stack which is the very core of what drives your development business and delivers value to your customers and end-users.
Do you really trust everything on Docker Hub or from NPM?

That's not to say that Security teams haven't raised these concerns before - plenty of organizations have Security teams who have taken the heavy-handed approach and locked down developer freedom to where it has a negative effect on productivity & your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). You hired a team of skilled and talented developers, tied their hands, taken away the tools they're familiar with, traded them for a single spork, and then said: "Get to digging."
How long will it take for top-down mandates to erode your culture?

Past the tools and Slack chats, the most important part of your Secure Software Factory are your teams. Developers, IT Operators, and Security Practitioners all have different needs but are often left to learn and work in the same sandbox. You can have a forward-facing company culture, but holistic enablement is something that can make or break business and engineering efforts.
In this day and age of Containers, Kubernetes, and Zero-Trust, does your team have the training and skills they need to get up to speed quickly and go the distance?

Secure Software Factories are the evolution of DevOps. The best practices, enablement, and specific tooling form a DevSecOps platform to deliver secure, high-quality software - anywhere.

Getting Started with a Secure Software Factory

Getting Started

Building your own DevSecOps Center of Excellence and Secure Software Factory can take a tremendous amount of time and resources. Fierce Software has the platform tools, training, and experience to get you there faster.

In the following Solution Brief you’ll learn about the turn-key Secure Software Factory offering we’ve developed over years of collaboration with our customers and partners. Explore the challenges presented with carrying DevOps at enterprise-scale, developing with any framework or language, securely delivering to every contemporary cloud and old-fashioned on-premise infrastructure, and much more.

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Secure Software Factory Builder

Secure Software Factory Builder

The fastest way to DevSecOps

Between the technical debt, mission objectives, and plethora of tools, any sort of DevOps campaign can be difficult to progress – doing so securely is even more trying. Use the Fierce Software Secure Software Factory Builder as a starting point for your own DevSecOps practice with a simple visual guide.

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Containers, Data Science, DevOps, Kubernetes, and more. Level up your team with Fierce Software’s complimentary Training Workshops across a number of emerging technologies from Red Hat, CloudBees, Ansible, Cloudera, and our own unique curriculum.


DevSecOps in the Public Sector

In this 1-Hour Virtual Webinar, we will take you through the Cloud Native Landscape and how DevOps helped shape these modern platforms. We’ll identify the pain-points and problems with CI/CD at scale, hurdles seen in the Public Sector space, and some of the potential legal risks involved.

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