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Why OROCK Technologies?

Data Security

Protect your most sensitive data by running workloads with ORock’s secure, compliant IaaS and PaaS solutions


Transport data at Layer 2 and get blazing speeds over ORock’s private, high-performance fiber optic backbone network

Cost Predictability

Eliminate surprise charges and reduce total cost of ownership with a flat-rate billing model that includes US-based NOC/SOC support


Take control of your environment with open source solutions that avoid vendor lock-in and support your hybrid cloud, multi-cloud strategies

"OROCK is like no other cloud provider I've ever dealt with. The large hyper-scale cloud providers don't care about us because our spend isn't in the millions per month, but we have personal attention from OROCK with best-in-class support, second to none. That's all on top of considerable cost-savings in having migrated from AWS to OROCK, where we now have a predictable cost with enough room to work and grow as needed."
‐ Enterprise Architect, Federal Systems Integrator

OROCK Technologies

ORock Technologies provides IT infrastructure and cloud solutions built specifically for secure data operations in government and highly regulated industries, where enterprise customers must satisfy the most stringent requirements for security and compliance.

ORock’s unique private network architecture and open source cloud environment (ORockCloud) enable organizations in government, financial services, healthcare, critical infrastructure, media, and entertainment to capitalize on the flexibility and scalability of cloud computing while maximizing data security, performance, predictability, and control.

By controlling its own network and offering customers a generous Committed Information Rate for data transport, ORock provides a simplified, predictable, flat-rate billing model to minimize surprise charges and exit costs while lowering total cost of ownership.

ORock manages its network, monitors security, and supports customers through its Network Operations Center and Security Operations Center. Based in the U.S. and staffed entirely by U.S. citizens, the ORock NOC and SOC provide 24/7/365 “white glove service” with a single point of contact for issue resolution and the agility and attention to customer service of a small business.

OROCK Cloud Hosting Solutions

Your Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud Strategy Demands Alternatives

Large cloud service providers (CSPs) dominate today’s cloud computing landscape with proprietary, complex solutions that usually cost more than anticipated. These one-size-fits-all public clouds were developed for scale at the expense of flexibility, service, and cost predictability. They often fail to address the unique needs of organizations in defense, civilian government, and highly regulated commercial industries (including health care, financial services, and energy).

OROCK Cloud Hosting Options Stack

A Fast, Cost-Effective Route to FedRAMP SaaS Authorization

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. FedRAMP applies a rigorous review process to certify that cloud services meet a strict baseline of security standards. Compliance with FedRAMP is mandatory for federal agencies and supported by many state and local governments.

For Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and solution providers selling commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom applications, FedRAMP authorization is quickly becoming a requirement to compete and win in an enormous IT market that is increasingly purchasing IT as a service.

OROCK Federal Application Authorization Services (FAAS)

OnRAMP: A Turnkey Program that Streamlines the Authorization Process

Accelerate your journey to FedRAMP compliance. Watch this video to learn more.

ORock’s FAAS program is a turnkey, compliant, collaborative approach to FedRAMP authorization for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). FAAS requires authorization from a government sponsor before initiation. Once you have secured sponsorship, FAAS enables you to achieve FedRAMP authorization for your commercial-off-the-shelf Software as a Service (SaaS) offering (when deployed within the ORockCloud environment) while reducing time to market and up-front investment. Successful completion of the program makes your solution available to government customers as a FedRAMP-authorized SaaS offering in the FedRAMP online marketplace (with your own FedRAMP Security Package number) and via ORock’s service catalog.

OROCK Secure Containers as a Service with Red Hat OpenShift

ORock Secure Containers as a Service with Red Hat OpenShift

Run Open Source Containers in a FedRAMP Moderate Cloud

Containers are an increasingly popular option for improving software development, application deployment, and operational agility. They solve the problem of getting software to run reliably and efficiently from one computing environment to another by bundling together an application’s entire Runtime environment into one package that is easily moved and managed while consuming fewer system resources.

By bringing together an application’s code, libraries, configuration files, and dependencies, containers enable applications to run as isolated processes with their own resources while abstracting the differences across operating systems and infrastructure environments. The results are tangible: increased resource utilization, greater flexibility, simplified application management and updates, easier deployment of microservices, lower server costs, and fewer hours spent by your development team to debug environments and fix problems.

Unfortunately, deploying containers without the appropriate expertise can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming. In fact, 75% of enterprise users cited complexity of implementation and operations as the top obstacles to container adoption in one recent study.

Solution Benefits

Designed for DevSecOps Teams

Automate the container application life cycle and integrate security into the container pipeline

Fully-Managed PaaS Solution

Manage your applications, not the underlying platform

Self-Service Provisioning

Create applications on demand from the tools you use the most, while giving operations full control over the environment

Persistent Storage

Run both existing stateful applications and cloud-native stateless applications

Application Automation & Scalability

Scale to hundreds of instances across thousands of self-healing nodes in seconds

Container Portability

Red Hat APIs allow applications created on OpenShift to easily run anywhere that supports containers


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