Deliver reliability and high-availability standards required for mission-critical users


Fusion ION Advanced Flash Solutions deliver the reliability and high-availability standards required for mission-critical users. Software optimizations enable parallel processing that multiplies ION storage processor speeds over conventional all-flash systems. For application environments ranging from OLTP to OLAP and from InMemory to NoSQL, ION Advanced Flash Solutions deliver unmatched acceleration.


Atomic Series – The best generation of ioMemory. A full range of the most advanced flash technology, The Atomic Series of ioMemory delivers the highest transaction rate per gigabyte for everything from read intensive workflows to mixed workloads.

  • ioMemory PX600 – The performance arm of the Atomic Series is your speed leader and go getter for everything.

  • ioMemory SX300 – The SX series is the go to product for all scale-out architectures and hyperscale environments.

ION Accelerator Appliance – The ION Accelerator Appliance delivers game-changing performance for database users in physical and virtual environments. The product offers highly available, shared flash for use with the highest performance x86 and UNIX servers with a choice of capacity and the fastest SAN connectivity options, including 16Gb Fibre Channel, 56Gb InfiniBand and 40Gb iSCSI.

InfiniFlash – The InfiniFlash system is a new storage platform offering massive capacity and high density to address the demands of capacity workloads at scale without compromise.