DevSecOps Days at General Atomics – San Diego

February 20th & 21st, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

General Atomics San Diego Office

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DevSecOps Days at General Atomics – San Diego

February 20th & 21st, 2019, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
General Atomics San Diego Office

General Atomics

We’re excited to invite you to our two day DevSecOps Days Workshop series, brought to you by Red Hat and Fierce Software at General Atomics’ San Diego Office!

Lunch will be provided so come with hungry minds and stomachs.

We will have laptops provided and provisioned with the workshop for your use, so no need to bring your own gear

We’ll be building upon fundamental concepts regarding containers, how to build and use containers, integrating with your workflow and SCM, as well as how security plays in a larger context. As we progress through the sessions we’ll wrap everything in a turn-key DevSecOps deployment to demonstrate the capabilities brought together by these emerging technologies.


Day 1

Containers 101
  • Containers as a technology
  • Orchestration of containers with Kubernetes
  • Why containers, and why do you need management and orchestration?
  • Intro to OpenShift Container Platform
  • WorkshopContainers 101
Break for lunch
Container Security
  • Security as an Inheritance Model
  • Securing the platform
  • Ensuring secure containers and components run
  • WorkshopContainer Security

Day 2

Source-to-Image (S2I)
  • Everything as Code
  • Standardized SCM and Infrastructure
  • Building containers
  • Creating containers from SCM
  • WorkshopSource-to-Image (S2I)
Break for lunch
DevSecOps – Secure Software Factory
  • Introduction to OCP in the DevSecOps pipeline and workflows
  • DevSecOps components and integration methods: Jenkins, Git, etc
  • A quick walkthrough of a basic DevSecOps pipeline with OpenShift Container Platform
  • WorkshopDevSecOps – Secure Software Factory

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