CloudBees CI/CD Workshop, hosted for Raytheon Technologies

August 6th, 2020, 9:00 am-2:30 pm

Virtual Attendance (details to be provided before the event)

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CloudBees CI/CD Workshop, hosted for Raytheon Technologies

August 6th, 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Virtual Attendance (details to be provided before the event)

For this exercise, assume you are launching a new capability, and your mission is to deliver it as reliably, quickly and efficiently as you can—while delivering features that set your company apart. Using CloudBees CI, you will configure and manage your own Jenkins server. This master will build, test and deploy a production-ready application onto a Kubernetes-based platform. In addition, it will publish, create and push all the infrastructure-as-code requirements for your application to GitHub. This promotes the best practices of DevSecOps combined with GitOps.

Workshop Prerequisites:
  • Internet access, including access to and the ability to access and use the GitHub File Editor
  • An account on and a basic understanding of how to use GitHub to do things like fork a repository, edit files in the web UI, and create pull requests.
  • Access to
  • A basic understanding of Docker:
  • A basic understanding of Kubernetes:
  • A basic understanding of Jenkins Pipelines:
  • A basic understanding of feature flags:
Note: we highly recommend using the Google Chrome browser to work through the lab content.


Half-day (4-5 hours) covering these Learning Objectives:

  • How small, measurable changes drive agility: Build, deploy and test multiple times a day instead of making large complex changes that are difficult to integrate and test
  • How to deliver business value rapidly by releasing new features and functionality to customers faster
  • How to set up configuration-as-code for your CI/CD tooling (CloudBees CI)

  • How to templatize CI/CD pipelines to conform with best practices
  • Providing CI/CD as a service for end-users
  • Ensuring governance and standardization while also empowering developer, security and operations teams by running Jenkins at scale

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