RHEL Basics and Ansible Basics Workshop


Dec 22 2023


9:00 am - 3:00 pm

RHEL Basics and Ansible Basics Workshop

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RHEL Basics and Ansible Basics Workshop For Data Interfuse Athena Team


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Date: December 19 & 20, 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM EST

Hands-on Workshop: 13454 Sunrise Valley Dr #215, Herndon, VA 20171


Workshop Overview:

This workshop will be led by Ivan Mckfinsky who will guide the Athena Team through RHEL Basics and Ansible Basics on Day 1. On Day 2 the team will learn AAP2 Intro and use. We will also cover plenty of theory on how RHEL, Ansible, AAP2, and related tech is currently deployed in many customer environments and how it can be improved to enhance those environments.

Day 1 - RHEL Basics and Ansible Basics
- Operating system basic functioning and tooling
- Services typically deployed on RHEL
- RHEL in Cloud environments

Day 2 - AAP2 Intro and use
- Devops basics
- How DevOps benefits teams and organizations
- DevOps Tooling
- Containers primer

In this workshop, our presenter will cover:

  • Day 1 - RHEL Basics and Ansible Basics
    • Exercise 1.1 - Check the Prerequisites
    • Exercise 1.2 - The Ansible Basics
    • Exercise 1.3 - Writing Your First Playbook
    • Exercise 1.4 - Using Variables
    • Exercise 1.5 - Conditionals, Handlers and Loops
    • Exercise 1.6 - Templates
    • Exercise 1.7 - Roles
  • Day 2 - AAP2 Intro and use (Section 2 - Ansible Automation Platform Exercises)
    • Exercise 2.1 - Introduction to automation controller
    • Exercise 2.2 - Inventories, credentials and ad hoc commands
    • Exercise 2.3 - Projects & job templates
    • Exercise 2.4 - Surveys
    • Exercise 2.5 - Role based access control
    • Exercise 2.6 - Workflows
    • Exercise 2.7 - Wrap up

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*Please feel to pass this event information to any colleagues who may be interested in joining*