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The fastest way to enable your team with enterprise technologies from Red Hat, CloudBees, Cloudera, and more.

Fierce Software offers a series of training workshops created in collaboration with some of our partners from Red Hat, Cloudera, CloudBees, and Sonatype just to name a few. There are courses that focus & highlight on specific vendor technologies and then there are the workshops that are larger efforts sourcing many different technologies, such as our Cyber Threat Hunting or DevSecOps programs.

We provide these workshops as a complimentary service to our customers, with engagements ranging from half-day sessions to week-long training campaigns. Please browse our Workshop Catalog and contact us now for your own Fierce training event!

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    Data Flow

    Get hands-on experience with Cloudera Data Flow through a deep-dive learning session on Apache NiFi / MiNiFi and Apache Kafka. Develop expertise in streaming and data flow solutions and understand how these tools can be administered and monitored.


    Data Science 101 – For Data Scientists

    Get hands on experience by diving into a provisioned Cloudera Data Platform + Apache Spark cluster, and learn some of the fundamental concepts and key technological components of Data Analytics and Data Science!


    Data Science 101 – For Operators

    In this workshop IT Operators will learn the requirements of deploying different Cloudera Data Platform solutions. Use a hybrid cloud deployment strategy to utilize the most efficient infrastructure for different data workloads.


    Data Science 102 – Full Stack

    As a crash-course into the powerful solutions offered by Cloudera, students will step through deploying a number of clusters, executing workloads in Cloudera Data Science Workbench & Apache Zeppelin, and securely streaming IoT data.


    DevSecOps for Developers

    This Developer-focused course provides students an enterprise-ready environment complete with managed CloudBees Core, Red Hat OpenShift, and all the tools they need to build out a number of applications and pipelines.


    DevSecOps for IT Operators

    With this workshops we address the concerns and requirements of Operators, such as how to deploy the CloudBees platform to Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift, build Jenkins Agent container images, and set the baseline integrations across the CI/CD platform.


    DevSecOps for Security Practitioners

    Learn how CloudBees enables SecOps by securely providing recipies for Team Masters, curate plugins, and key integrations with security solutions such as Sonatype Nexus, Sonarqube, OWASP Zap, and more.

    Fierce Software

    Advanced Ansible

    Take your automation skills to another level with Fierce Software’s exclusive Advanced Ansible workshop. Start with a primer in the command line and progress to building complex Playbooks, custom Modules, using secrets in Vault, and advanced Workflow Job functions with Approval Nodes and more!

    Fierce Software

    Cyber Threat Hunting

    As technology becomes more complex and stacks grow, lurking threats are larger dangers. Progress through different data sources, systems of systems, and workloads to find hidden bugs and land mines.

    Fierce Software

    Secure Software Factories

    Participants will step through our Secure Software Factory, a culmination of DevSecOps efforts over the years. Build containers, enable continuous deployment & monitoring, scan applications, and even have fun with ChatOps.


    DevOps 101

    Learn the core competencies of using GitLab as your Source Code Management platform, such as Git Flow, branching strategies, collaboration methods, and even how to use GitKraken, the legendary Git GUI.

    MindPoint Group

    Ansible for Security

    Lockdown Enterprise provides the ability to quickly apply baseline security contexts. Step through applying CIS and DISA STIG contexts, scanning reports, and some Red/Blue team exercises with Ansible automation.

    Red Hat

    Ansible 101 & Ansible Tower

    Automation is the the most in-demand skill and workshop participants will learn how to automate with Ansible. Start from the command line and simple tasks, to building complex Playbooks and Roles, and using the Ansible Tower GUI.

    Red Hat

    Ansible for Networking

    This workshops will enable you to create playbooks to automate networking devices from Arista (EOS), Cisco (IOS, IOS XR, NX-OS), Juniper (JunOS), Open vSwitch, and VyOS and many more! Includes Ansible Tower curated content specifically for network use cases.

    Red Hat

    Ansible for Windows

    Learn how to automate your deployments and configurations for Active Directory, IIS, the Windows OS, applications, and more.

    Red Hat

    Container Security

    Learn how to scan, secure and leverage properties in the Linux kernel like seccomp, namespaces, ccgroups to secure your docker containers. Set SELinux policies, storage limits, and Red Hat Cockpit.

    Red Hat

    Containers 101

    Come and build a container! This workshop will introduce you to Linux containers. During the course of this workshop you will gain a foundational container hands-on training with Docker, Buildah, Podman, and Skopeo.

    Red Hat


    In this workshop, you’ll be building an OSS DevSecOps pipeline for a Java based website leveraging several containerized tools such as Gogs, Nexus, Jenkins, Sonarqube, and Che hosted on the OpenShift Container Platform.

    Red Hat

    OpenShift 101

    This workshop will have you deploying and creating native docker images for a Node.js based website and learning to leverage the power of Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform to build, deploy, scale, and automate.

    Red Hat

    OpenShift Install

    Deploy a vanilla Kubernetes cluster and a number of Red Hat OpenShift clusters. Learn how to go from a single developer node, to a highly-available and scalable cluster across the public cloud.

    Red Hat

    OpenShift Security

    Learn about ConfigMaps, Secrets, and Vaults and how to secure your microservices and containers by using and extending Linux scanning features, SCC, Seccomp and the security API available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift.

    Red Hat

    SELinux Policies

    Writing your own SELinux policies doesn’t have to be a terrifying prospect! This workshop will walk you through the process of creating a custom policy for a source-compiled application, using the advanced tooling present in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


    Enterprise OSS Management

    Explore the often forgotten risks of adverse Open-Source licenses such as AGPL, learn how to manage external components and dependancies, build application BOMs, and set policies for how OSS is consumed through your organization.


    Absolutely nothing! It is a free service that provide to our customers to better enable their teams with the software that we provide.
    It can be either held virtually online, at your physical location or otherwise, we can provide a neutral venue within proximity such as one of the many Marriott hotels if connectivity or security issues arise.
    You bet! Throughout the year we coordinate different workshop roadshows where we’ll go from city to city and provide a public workshop for anyone who would like to join. We distribute these events through our Workshop Newsletter list. To join, simply message with your name and zip code (so we don’t spam you with East coast events if you’re in sunny California).
    That really depends on the length and number of workshops. If we provide an all-day workshop event, it usually includes a catered breakfast, lunch, and soft beverage service. We can provide a mobile lab of Chromebooks in case local terminals are not available. All workshops are conducted through a web browser so no special preliminary setup or software is required.
    You can find most of our workshops over at though some are not publicly listed. Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to discuss and share.