Data on Demand

Data on Demand

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Big Data Beget Big Problems

Data-driven decision-making is not a new concept for the Public Sector - intelligence powers many agencies and the choices they make. While the promises that Big Data powering Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are real, there is a large gap between potential and realization.

As the volume, velocity, and variety of government data continues to grow, federal agencies increasingly look to advanced data analytics to enable more informed decision-making. Understanding and acting on insights derived from government data resources has the potential to support these agency objectives as never before. The positive outcomes are as varied as the agencies that generate them—from expedited passport processing and enhanced highway safety to improvements in critical infrastructure protection and expanded capabilities to detect fraud in social services payments.

With the increased implementation of data, there's also an increase in complications. As your clusters age, versions begin to drift, incompatibilities and technical debt arise. How do you manage the lifecycle of your different enterprise data clouds?

Architecting and deploying data platforms can be not only tedious but difficult as well - the requirements of a modern data platform are that it is easy to deploy, simple to scale, and interoperable with different clouds and data sources. Can your data platform automatically take advantage of your confidential hybrid cloud?

With the increasing move to the digitalization of communication and services, exchangeable & open-source data standards need to be a key part of your enterprise data clouds. Are you penalized for data egress, or locked in with vendor-specific tools?

Fierce Software's Big Data as a Service platform is your "easy button" for Data Warehouses, Data Science, and Streaming Analytics. The best practices, enablement, and specific tooling form an automated service to deliver managed and secure data platforms - anywhere, on any cloud.

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The Big Data as a Service offering by Fierce Software brings together enterprise open-source solutions from industry leaders such as Red Hat, Cloudera, Ansible, and GitLab.

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